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Vlogging and Your Business

Most businesses have realised the importance of Blogging for their business (Roding Tech included!), but now more and more businesses are opening their eyes to the potential of Vlogging also.

The term ‘blog’ comes from a truncation of ‘Web Log’, a place on the internet to log ideas and thoughts.  Blogging has grown from a portal of online diaries to a way to publish ideas, and promote products and services for free to a global market.

From the success of these web-logs and the rise of the millennials and their various YouTube channels, video blogs – Vlogs – have also claimed their space on the internet.  Yes: a lot of these vlogs provide instant gratification to technology users, whether it be through providing comedy sketches, beauty tips, or health conscious recipes, but vlogs also offer businesses another lucrative way to engage with their clients.

And what do you need to start vlogging? A smartphone or webcam will do the job just fine, and it is something most businesses are likely to have.  This makes vlogging a cost-effective method of promoting your business. Of course, you will need an idea and concept on which to vlog about, bearing in mind your target audience.  Younger audiences tend to be interested in vlogs, but also vlogs will appeal to any clients that need information to be presented quickly and clearly.  You do not have to provide a visual spectacle, edited with sound effects and backing track!  You just need to provide relevant information, and be concise, as vlogs are often accessed on social media when clients have a moment to spare – so you need to capture their interest in this short space of time.

So why is vlogging so beneficial for your business?  Apart from the fact it is highly accessible and cost effective, it also generates its own publicity.  Millions of videos are viewed on YouTube every day, and with this they are often shared hundreds and hundreds of times over.  Need more reasons to start vlogging?  Well, it humanises your business also, making you and your staff recognisable and relatable.  You could introduce your staff via a vlog, or create a ‘A Day in the Office’ vlog.  Vlogging shows that your business is a forward-thinking business also, using the most up-to-date methods to interact with your clients.  Most importantly, it will make your website more accessible as video content is often searched for on search engines – so vlogging can help towards your SEO.

Some potential vlogs to consider would be a demonstration of your product or service, a discussion about something relevant to your business in the news, or testimonials from customers.