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Save Time And Money With One Simple Tech Update…

Increasing productivity is always at the forefront of any business’ mind.  And there is one simple tech update that would allow your business to save both time and money: Dual monitors.

Initially the one-off cost and assumed hassle of installation may be something that puts businesses off. However, the impact on an employee’s productivity, as well as knowing that it really isn’t a costly or time-consuming update should win you over…

Let’s talk figures: Productivity can be increased by 20-30%, turning time-consuming and often irksome tasks, into quick and simple ones.

So where can you use dual monitors to improve productivity?  Just some examples include:

  • Data entry
  • Drafting a document using source material
  • Cutting and pasting
  • Picture and video editing
  • Using two browsers
  • Comparing products
  • Comparing stages of an image/document during a project
  • Spreading large spreadsheets across two monitors
  • Leaving a chat box/email conversation open while you work

Take for example a task that nearly all businesses will undertake regularly: Data entry.  Using a dual monitor system for this task removes the need to keep opening the report employees are working with, locating the relevant information, closing this report, opening the relevant database, entering the information, opening the original report to check the data is accurately, closing this and reopening the database. I don’t know about you, but I feel exhausted and frustrated just writing about this banal approach!

Okay, so taking data from one source and inputting it into another is only a few clicks.  But consider the impact of a few seconds to make a few clicks in this one task, once or twice a week.  Then consider the other tasks where a dual monitor system can save time, energy, and mistakes – that’s when you begin to see the Big Picture.  According to the University of Utah, a second monitor can save each employee 2.5 hours each day if they use it for all of their tasks. So that’s 12.5 hours a week.  Now, that’s a lot of time gained, no matter what the size of your staff.  Not only this, but the convenience and ease you are providing your employees also add to their well-being, and thus your company’s productivity.

Dual monitors take the fuss out of this quite simple yet essential task by allowing employees to have all the relevant information displayed conveniently across a suitable workspace (no more squished up windows on a single screen).  You will find that employees can then work at a quick pace with the added bonus of extreme precision.  Now apply this to all the tasks listed above.  How much time and money could your business be saving now?

Making any process easier for yourself and your employees is always a positive.  People who feel effective in their roles and succeed in their daily tasks, feel motivated and valued.  After all, we may be working with machines, but we are not machines ourselves!  Let’s use the machines to make our roles simpler.  Invest in a dual monitor system and see the effect on your profits.