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Recent attacks by the WannaCry ransomware only further highlighted the callous nature of cyber-attacks and the threat posed to users online.


It is essential for businesses to protect themselves from these cyber-attacks, as unfortunately there is still no solution.  RodingTech can help with preventative measures to protect you from becoming a victim of these crimes.


How are businesses infected by Ransomware?

Unsuspecting businesses are infected by ransomware by clicking on a hijacked link or document.  These could be emailed to your business account or on an existing website already, but once the link or document has been clicked the ransomware is downloaded and the network is scanned for files that can be accessed and encrypted,


How can you protect your business against Ransomware?


1) Email filtering protection

Advanced email filtering can prevent the threat before it reaches your end users, acting as the first line of defence.  This would involve blocking emails, scanning attachments and links and then removing any threats. Using our Avira Managed Email Service reduces the risk of a Ransomware attack.


2) Next-Gen Firewall

Employees in a business spend a lot of time browsing the internet to access content online.  A Next-Gen firewall can scan all traffic from inside the business and block access to any malicious content. The Fortinet Enterprise Firewall solution will add another layer of security so users avoid Ransomware attacks.


3) Endpoint Protection

Businesses will need an effective solution against malware and infections, and Bitdefender can offer this along with protection against ransomware encryption for all Windows devices. Bitdefender will block the threat at its source.


4) Software Updates

Do not ignore that prompt from your software provider to update!  Software providers regularly improve and fix vulnerabilities in their products, so updating and having the most current system in place gives you the best chance to prevent hackers from manipulating vulnerabilities.


5) Server Backups

Server backups are still an important measure in protecting your business against Ransomware infections along with other cyber threats.  Even if you take the above measures, a new ransom or virus could threaten your business, so an on/offsite backup can provide the final measure of defence and allow you to recover business data and applications. RodingTech’s managed backup solution guarantees your data is fully backed up and secured safely in an offsite location.